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Letown Is Setting a New Standard for Dash Cams As It Provides Amazing Features

Letown Is Setting a New Standard for Dash Cams As It Provides Amazing Features

Dash cams have become quite popular nowadays. Be it for recording the beautiful vistas on one’s car ride, or simply to keep an account of any details that might occur while one travels from one place to another, dash cams have proven to be the effect method to do so.

However, one thing that has consistently disappointed users of dash cams is the poor quality of the camera and the lack of features available. While many dash cams that are currently available do fulfill the job they are designed to do, they simply lack the required features that allow for ultra HD video, up to even 4K.

This is something that Letown is attempting to accomplish. Letown is the Smart Modular 4K Dash Cam. The camera wishes to provide high quality and pristine video, the likes of which cannot be matched by any other dash cam out there.

Letown offers the ability to toggle on starry night vision and even includes a 24-hour parking monitor. One is even able to customize and control their vehicle security systems with relative ease. With Letown’s 4K HD video quality, one is able to look into even the smallest of details, leaving nothing unnoticed.

The high quality of the image remains even under various light conditions, and the lens is able to provide real 166 degree wide angle. With an in-built storage of 128 GB, and the automatic option to overwrite the oldest data, instead of stopping the recording, Letown is able to ensure consistent and endless 4K video recording.

The features of Letown aren’t even finished yet. The dash cam is able to rotate a full 360 degrees, and can be activated on selfie mode to capture lively and memorable moments with friends and family on a roadtrip. The dash cam even has a driver assistance feature that provides collision warnings, and intelligent lane departure warnings to ensure stress less transport experiences.

It is currently about to enter its funding process and is expected to go live on Indiegogo quite soon.

About Letown:

Letown is among the most anticipated dash cams that are currently being created. The product is currently in its funding phase, and promises features such as starry night vision, a system for driving assistance and even 4K HD video recording with a 24-hour parking monitor. It is for this reason that Letown is truly the best ever dash cam that people have seen so far.  

For more information: https://igg.me/at/letown

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