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HackerStorm Offers Cyber Security Refuge Against Hacking

HackerStorm Offers Cyber Security Refuge Against Hacking

Security Company Provides Fast Action to Keep Users Safe

From the hacking of high profile companies like HBO, Disney and Equifax to the compromised security of everyday users, cyber security is a subject that affects all who go online.  Until now, efforts to investigate data breaches or to inquire about suspicious hosts has been time consuming and tedious.  HackerStorm has arrived on the scene to provide quick and efficient cyber security information to help harness hacking.

“We are thrilled to make our free cyber security guide available to the public,” stated a HackerStorm representative.  “Hacking has become an epidemic on the worldwide web.  No one is safe.  But we are offering advice on how to utilise log indexing tools such as Splunk where users can check out the entire history of suspicious or suspected hosts in a matter of minutes.  Not only can this help trace activity that has already taken place, it can help users avoid getting hacked altogether by capturing results from penetration testing and vulnerability scanning results.”

In just a few easy steps and in the course of about fifteen minutes, users can review indexed information that can be analysed to understand how a host may have been exploited where security is concerned.  It utilizes existing tools, methods and data organizations already have, in an innovative way,  and makes it available in a timely manner without which  Information on penetration testing and vulnerability assessment results from hacking tools could takes weeks

By centralizing and indexing such threat data, it is easier for an organization or individual to pinpoint where a hack may have occurred and combining it with existing event data, check if they have been exploited.  The company also offers suggestions on how to obtain other existing security data too such as open source intelligence tools, API’s  and websites for further indexing to build threats data from hacker resources.  The goal of company is to help keep users safe and also to help them find the root cause of a breach in the event that they were hacked as fast as possible, having the entire history of threats for each host from testing and scanning in a matter of minutes  helps in this goal

The HackerStorm site if overflowing with valuable information such as news about high impact advisories and tips on how to prevent vulnerability. Detailed information on specific hacks and security concerns are provided to users through the site.   Ebooks can be obtained from the site as well.

Hackerstorm also makes it possible to review when an external site is dangerous.  The United Kingdom based company provides the service free to fill the need users have to gather fast and accurate information about a host.  In order to utilize the service, the user simply puts in information regarding the site in question such as the IP address and/or host website name.

To find out more about HackerStorm or to take advantage of its services, visit the company website at https://www.hackerstorm.co.uk.

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