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Security Service Launches Fire Watch Division to Benefit Businesses

Security Service Launches Fire Watch Division to Benefit Businesses

Miami, FL – Installing a fire detection system for a new business is a must. No one knows when something could go wrong so they want their business to always be protected. With the abundance of choices in the type of fire detection systems available, the one a business chooses is important but also overwhelming. No one should have to deal with worrying about their business being at risk for a fire in the meantime. Fast Guard Security Service has started a new fire watch division in their company to help businesses in the Miami area and beyond as they install fire detection systems.

A fire watch company has provisional relationships with businesses where they send guards or a single person to check a building for fire hazard situations that are extreme. A fire watch is usually conducted when the chance of a fire happening is high. This type of situation can arise whenever there is “hot work” construction or the fire alarms/sprinklers are malfunctioning. Hot work construction involves riveting, brazing, welding, flame-cutting, and soldering. Fire watches check every inch of the area to ensure the premise is safe.

Fast Guard Security Service has been providing security services throughout the United States for many years, and they are now adding fire watch services as a much-needed service for businesses. Fast Guard Service Fire Watch Services is a division within the company that has security and fire watch guards employed to provide fire watch services to the businesses that are experiencing trouble with their current system or are installing fire alarms for the first time. This division of Fast Guard Security Service can show up to any business with minimal notice. Their fire watch guards will remain on site until the business no longer needs the services, which means the sprinklers are operational and the area has been inspected by the fire marshal. Each security guard has been licensed and is specially trained in providing fire watch.

Keeping a business safe is a number one priority for many companies, and the chances of a fire are unpredictable. People should hire a fire watch company to ensure their business is safe while fire protection is being installed. For those who want a reliable fire watch service in Florida, Fast Guard Security’s fire watch should be considered. For more information and to contact them, visit their website.

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