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12 Year Old California Boy Shot His Father in 2011, Rests his Case

January 10
10:34 2013

Attorneys representing a 12 year old California boy who was charged with murdering his neo-Nazi father have rested their case without calling him to testify.

The case has drawn attention due to the rarity of a parent being slain by a child so young.

Lawyers for  concede that the boy, who was just 10 years old then, shot his father in May 2011 at point blank range, but argue that he should not be held criminally responsible. The gun belonged to his father, Jeffrey Hall, 32.

The boy’s lawyers had suggested on Monday that he might testify in his own defense before the closely watched juvenile trial in Riverside County Superior Court concludes.

But defense attorney Matthew Hardy, in resting his case, said Hall would not be taking the witness stand, clearing the way for closing arguments to begin on Wednesday. Hardy did not elaborate on the decision.

Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard said she would likely render her verdict in the case, which is being conducted without a jury, on Monday morning.

The case has made headlines because of the father’s neo-Nazi associations and the rarity of a parent being killed by a child so young.

Kathleen Heide, a criminologist who specializes in juvenile offenders said that 8000 murder victims over the past 32 years were slain by their offspring, but only 16 of those were committed by defendants aged 10 or younger.


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